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Careful of Glamour Backpacking

Be careful of glamour backpacking!

In December this year the Three Capes walking track opens in Tasmania, from Fortescue Bay to Cape Pillar, overlooking Tasman Island, and finishing with a boat trip to Port Author. On this four day walk you are greeted by a ranger as you arrive at each of the three huts …read more

published: November 29th, 2015

Book review: Sea Fever

The cover of Sea Fever describes the book as ‘The true Adventures that inspired our Greatest Maritime Authors…’ and you have to admire Sam Jefferson for taking this on. For, to write of and quote from some of the greatest writers leaves your own writing vulnerable. Despite this, and some mistakes and repetitiveness, this is a book I recommend for both sailors and writers…read more

published: November 1st, 2015

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Martin Chambers was born in Perth, Western Australia. He is married and has two adult daughters. He is a biologist who understands our origins are from the sea and believes we are not safe unless our feet are wet. His recreations include kayaking, sailing and sitting in the spa.

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